KUFRI was conceived because the woven story needed to be preserved and presented in a way like never before. There was a need for beautiful, natural, richly textured woven textiles that were as raw as the environment they were made in, but still conveyed a refined modernity. KUFRI textiles are not meant to be perfect, but rather unique. They are raw, genuine and inspiring, like the people that make them and the people that use them.

The KUFRI mission is to help preserve handloom weaving, provide employment to women weavers and to continue creating innovative weaves.

The essence of my work is to create beautiful woven textiles that have an understated or quieter quality to them, but still have plenty of interest. My work is guided by the principles of shibui, meaning, creating a unique quality by the simplest of means. The result of this approach is textiles where slubs, bars and slight irregularities give it a quality that no mass-producing machine can replicate.

About Mili Suleman:
Founder and designer, Mili Suleman, was born in Mumbai, India and raised in Oman. A graduate of Texas Christian University, she sees KUFRI as an amalgamation of her multi-cultural background, her explorations in design and art, and her passion for shibui spaces. Mili lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and their utterly spoiled min-pin Pennie.




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    MEET MILI...

    Mili was born in Mumbai, India, grew up in the Middle East, and has been in Texas for 15 years. She has traveled internationally since a young age and has developed a strong eye for global design and its interpretations. Mili is a creative entrepreneur, with an established graphic design studio and a passion for working with small businesses. “My Kufri Life’ can be described as having these elements in my life – creativity, family, developing genuine relationships and global travel. I have a broad range of interests — graphic design, interiors, food, culture and the arts. It’s been amazing connecting with my mother through this new adventure… I can’t wait to see where we land next!” {Mili lives in Dallas, TX} mail

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    MEET MAYA...

    Maya lives in Muscat, Oman (a 3 hour drive from Dubai) and visits her daughter Mili faithfully once a year in Dallas. Maya is actively involved with a large needle crafting group, comprised of women from all around the world, who meet regularly to quilt, crochet, and stitch their way through challenging projects and new fabric adventures, including traveling for the large Quilt Show in Houston, Texas once a year. “Being in the Middle East gives me the opportunity to have friends who are Dutch, Indian, Japanese, American, English etc, all in one place; but we are more alike than anyone could imagine. My needle craft group and the friendships I have formed through it is what makes my life so “Kufri,” and I can’t wait to see how much bigger my world gets by being involved in this new venture. I’m so honored that my daughter has made me a part of this.”


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